And now these three remain:
faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.


True connection.
Effortless, timeless

Located in Asheville, North Carolina

Trends come and go; your wedding photographs last forever

Amber Hatley is a wedding photographer in Asheville, North Carolina with a love for all things romantic, joyful and timeless. A child of God, Wife, Mom to three wild personalities, and many things in between.

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Donut marshmallow toffee candy canes cupcake bear claw brownie marzipan jujubes. 




-Sarah and Colton

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We're Amber and Mitchell, a husband and wife photography team based in Asheville, NC. We’re passionate about loving God, loving people, making time to slow down and enjoy our three babies, and eating as much Mexican food as we can (queso for him, guacamole for her). It’s our purest belief that weddings are a celebration of sacred commitment and that strong marriages are foundational in creating time-honored legacies of love. We’ve served over a hundred brides & grooms and never tire of the thrill of it - big bouquets, inherited heirlooms, classically-styled couples, and effortless romance. 


"I wanted a photographer to capture every emotion on my wedding day, so I could look back and feel that insane amount of joy all over again."

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when you're still having and holding...


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