An invested partner. A bringer of positivity. A friend behind the lens.

Effortless Connection. Timeless images. 

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Amber infuses her approach to photography with a deep respect for the enduring power of love. Having met her husband, Mitchell, in a serendipitous college encounter, their own love story serves as a constant reminder that weddings are celebrations of sacred commitment. Believing strongly that marriages are the foundation for timeless legacies of love, Amber approaches each wedding with a dedication to capturing the genuine emotions and connections that will be cherished for generations to come. When not traveling, she holds the deepest appreciation for the quiet moments. Those surrounded by family. The simple joys of being a mother, gardening with her children or creating cherished memories of their own.

Meet Amber

– Jordan C., Bride

"I don’t know where to begin or how to adequately convey how grateful we are to have had Amber and Mitchell photograph our wedding day. Not only are they absolutely phenomenal and beyond talented at what they do, above all else, they are truly two of the BEST people this world has to offer. We are in love with every single one of our wedding pictures and have received SO MANY compliments after sharing them with our friends and family."

In their words 

The unscripted connections and overflowing emotions that unfold naturally throughout your wedding day. The laughter shared with friends, the quiet intimacy of a couple deeply in love, and the joy of celebrating with family. All captured quietly. Joyfully. Authentically. 

Letting the moment come to you