Spring is certainly taking its time arriving here in Asheville! Just when I think we are going to have a warm weekend I’m surprised by the chilly weather!! I’ve been to Craggy Gardens more times that I can remember and I’m very aware of how much the temps drop on the mountain — but I still underestimate just how cold it can be!! Alyssa and Daniel were champs when it came to hiking to the top and taking their engagement photos in the cold (after all, they did get engaged at Yosemite!!)!! You’d never know Alyssa was probably shivering in half the photos!! I actually love chilly engagement sessions because it forces the couple to get extra cuddly in their poses!! I mean, who likes to cuddle when it’s 90 degrees and you have sweat dripping down your forehead?!

I first “met” with Alyssa and Daniel via a Facetime chat when they were researching photographers and I instantly fell in love with their sweet and joyful spirits. They live just outside of Nashville and are planning their wedding for this June at Chestnut Ridge (one of my FAVORITE Asheville venues)! I knew they would be a blast to be around and so much fun to photograph but goodness, they were so much more than that. They are passionate, kind, caring and cheerful! They admitted their nerves before starting the shoot – they said “we’ve never done this before” 😉 which – most couples haven’t!! But it didn’t take 5 minutes until they were rocking out their own poses and having SO MUCH fun! It was easy to capture who they are as a couple and I’m THRILLED with all of their photos!! I can hardly wait to share them… so here you go – I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Happy Friday, friends!!  ss