May 20, 2015

We’re Moving!! Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer

We’re Moving!! Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

I remember Mitchell telling me a couple of weeks ago that he had a feeling life was about to get crazy… well, his intuition was right on target. For those of you who don’t know about Mitchell’s first career (second being photography ;)) — he is a Project Manager for Kinetics and with this job comes some uncertainty.

When we were engaged he was working and living in Frederick, MD. Throughout our engagement we had planned to live there together after our wedding. We had an apartment set up and Mitchell had selflessly traveled with all of our wedding gifts from Asheville, NC to Frederick, MD on the weekends. To be honest, during our engagement I really wanted him to be relocated to the Southeast so we could be closer to family. However, after several weekends in Maryland I grew to really love it and was looking forward to living there. After all, I really just wanted to be with Mitchell every day. Long distance is not for the faint hearted.

On the night of our rehearsal dinner we got wind of the opportunity to move to Raleigh, NC and be relocated to the Southeast. The timing was not ideal and we really didn’t have time to think it all through so we agreed to get married and enjoy our honeymoon first! Long story short we had THE BEST honeymoon and came home to some chaos. We made our way to Frederick, MD to live where Mitchell had previously stayed, with his roommate and all. Not the typical setting for some newlyweds but we made it work. We knew our time there would be temporary and we didn’t want to be committed to a lease. After living in Maryland for three months it was time to move to Raleigh, NC. We were in Raleigh for a whooping 3 weeks – with another roommate 😉 — we then made our way to Athens, GA where a large job was taking place that Mitchell would manage. Ahh, at last… a place we could call home! We had an apartment in Athens for about 9 months and then we made our way towards Watkinsville, GA (about 20 minutes from Athens) so Mitchell’s commute to a new job wouldn’t be as long. If you’re still with me… that’s FOUR moves in ONE YEAR. We are obviously professional movers at this point. We have been in Georgia for two years now and it has truly been AMAZING! We have fallen for this place and the people. We like to think of Georgia as the place we started our life as a married couple and it will never be forgotten. We hope to visit for years to come! Plus, this place forced us to be GEORGIA Bulldog fans.

Athens, Georgia is truly a tough place to leave. My business has grown more than I ever imagined here and I am nervous about transitioning that into a new place. It can be extremely difficult to move your photography business to a new city but I am up for the challenge and trusting God to provide the business I need. I used to think I couldn’t grow my business with all of the moving but I’ve learned to embrace it and I’ve seen that it can actually help in some ways. I’m not positive how long we will be in Raleigh but we plan to plant our feet for the time we are there and embrace this new season bestowed upon us. We loved Raleigh for the short time we were there and we are really looking forward to returning. Every time I head home to NC I can’t help but sing

Carolina keep calling me homeeee

I’m sharing some photos from our loft apartment in Watkinsville. I fell in love the moment we went to visit this place. It has so much character and has been oh so good to us. I’m not the best at decorating but it’s still so much fun! You’ll also see that I’m a big mushy romantic and lover of a cheesy quote!

Fellow Raleigh photographers and friends – let me know if you would like to work together! I’d truly love the opportunity to capture your family, wedding day or senior portraits!!

Georgia, who knows, we may just be back!



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  1. courtney says:

    How exciting! I have family in Raleigh so maybe if I ever make it over to visit them we can grab coffee! 🙂
    And don’t fear moving your business. I can tell you first thing it’s scary and it’s HARD, but it’s not impossible. When I considered giving up, I realized this job and this career is just a part of me. A huge part of who I am and when I realized that I knew I couldn’t give up and I just had to press harder and harder. It’s still a little slow, but I’m not out of business yet! LOL. So good luck to you and enjoy your new city 🙂

    • says:

      Thank you Courtney!! I would LOVE to see you again and get coffee. Make a trip!! 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement. I’m excited and ready to get started in this beautiful city!! xoxo

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