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Should we get Engagement Pictures taken?

July 31, 2015

Upon booking a wedding, many couples debate on the question – Should we get engagement pictures taken? I TRULY believe that the BEST Wedding Experience starts from the moment you get engaged. It is a journey all the way to the big day and even after. I believe that every couple deserves an Engagement Session and I believe that should be done by their wedding photographer!! Having your wedding photographer do your engagement session starts the foundation of a trusting relationship! Here are 3 reasons why every couple deserves an engagement session!

Should we get Engagement Pictures taken?

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

1) Being Comfortable In Front of the Camera:

Now let’s be honest, we all get a little camera shy! Even the most confident models get nervous before a shoot and they do it all the time! Having your lives documented in front of a camera on your wedding day can be overwhelming. There are so many events taking place and well, it’s just a little hectic! Having an engagement session before your wedding is the PERFECT opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and with your photographer. I tell my couples it is like a practice run and the truth is, you can not mess it up! I prefer to knock out those nervous bugs during your engagement session, not on your wedding day. I want you to feel confident on your wedding day and that comes with some practice!

Asheville NC Wedding Photographer

Asheville NC Wedding Photographer

2)  Knowing your Photographer and Her Style:

You will most likely send tons of e-mails back and forth to your photographer and you hopefully have a good idea of her style since you booked her for your wedding day! So you probably think that you know your photographer and their style pretty well, right?! Well having the opportunity to bond and build a friendship with your photographer in person is critical to an amazing wedding photography experience! My photographic style aims at capturing real, genuine and joyful moments. I love laughter, emotion and the little details that make each couple unique. Getting to know each couple on a more intimate level before the wedding day ensures I am able to capture their love to the fullest. It builds trust. It creates space to be silly, to laugh and to be honest. An engagement session allows me to show you how I communicate, pose and style during portrait time. Having the opportunity to work with each couple during an engagement session, allows me to arrive on the wedding day as a friend rather than a hired professional. That is why I personally include an engagement session complimentary with every wedding experience. It is THAT important to me.

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

3) Capturing this Special Season in your Lives:

You just got engaged! This is the start of a lifelong journey with your best friend and soon to be husband/wife. You are on cloud nine and can’t wait to get married! Why wouldn’t you want to capture this season together? It will pass by so quickly and having photographs to capture and remember these moments is so important. You may want to use the photographs for your Save the Dates, to display in your new home, for your engagement announcements, or just to share with friends and family. If we’re being 100% honest, you know you can’t wait to share your photographs on social media ;)! You may want to create an album and turn it into your guestbook at your wedding, creating an intimate touch. You deserve beautiful images of this special time. You deserve to show off  your gorgeous engagement ring, get dressed up and celebrate being engaged!! A lot of couples turn their engagement session into a romantic date. After all, you probably just had hair and makeup done and are in your best clothes. So why not?!

I hope this post encourages you to book your engagement session with your photographer! I promise it really is fun and you will be thrilled with the result! You will feel more relaxed on your wedding day, have great photographs to remember such an exciting season and become close friends with your photographer!





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