September 5, 2017

Sage + Jake, Asheville Elopement Photographer

I am so excited to share Jake and Sage’s intimate wedding in Asheville, NC! They could not have chosen a more beautiful location to enter into marriage surrounded by their closest family and friends! Not only is this property stunning, it holds SO much meaning to Sage. She has visited this property with her mom & a friend in the past and always thought about how wonderful it would be to go alone and pray. She also knew this is where she had to get married! She admittedly felt a little scared to go alone for a long time. It wasn’t until Jake proposed that she decided to go to this mountaintop and pray about marrying Jake.

Sage said it best so here are her words:

“So I prayed some more and decided it was finally time to hike up there and meet with the Lord on the hillside. I talked to Him the whole way, about marrying Jake and whatever else came to mind. When I got to the top I saw something in the distance that wasn’t there when I last visited the hillside a couple of years back. As I approached, I realized it was an old blue chair. On it were the words “come unto Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.

Right there, on my knees with my face on that chair on that mountain surrounded by mountains that declare the glory of God, He gave me rest.

It’s amazing how fiercely He loves each of us and how He pursues each of us individually… God put that chair there for me. He is a glorious God worth giving your heart to, He will never leave you or forsake you.”

I love Sage’s heart and this incredible story – I just had to share more! That chair was a special part of their ceremony (photos below). It’s impossible to not feel the presence of The Lord and be reminded of His glory when you are on this mountain. When we arrived to the top I was blown away by the full 360 degree view surrounding us. Watching all of their family and friends make the trip up to the top and witness Sage and Jake as they said their vows, it was something special! I loved the amount of effort everyone contributed into making their special day happen. The simplicity of the entire day was refreshing. Just two people, in love, ready to be married! The sun set was breathtaking and timed perfectly with their ceremony. Followed by the ceremony were a few family portraits and of course Bride & Groom Portraits! I LOVED capturing Sage and Jake’s wedding day and I’m truly so honored to share these with you! p.s. shout out to Sage + Jake also being WCU Alumni, Go CATS!!


Hair by: Constant Beauty Studio



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