April 21, 2015

My 5 Favorite Beauty Products, Athens Wedding Photographer

My 5 Favorite Beauty Products, Athens Wedding Photographer

5 Beauty products I love, Athens Wedding Photographer


As I’m prepping for the thick of my wedding season to start in May, I’m in Austin, TX with my other half and loving it. He is here for training for his (other) job ;)! Meanwhile, I’ve been kicking it by the pool and enjoying the fancy gym with tv, towels and fresh water… you know, it’s always about the little things! However, it’s not all play for me. I’m fortunate enough to take my work with me and so I’ve spent a lot of time pre-blogging, editing, educating myself and giving my website a little facelift. I wanted to take a little break and blog about something fun and different from my typical posts… so this is it. You probably know I’m a girly-girl and a sucker for a good beauty product. These are my 5 favorite beauty products right now!

1. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

I have LOVED this product for a while now. Being a blonde, my hair is thirsty! I put a dime size amount throughout the ends of my hair when it is damp. This keeps my hair soft and healthy. The best part? The smell is incredible!! I know, I know… it’s a little pricey but it really lasts forever. One bottle will last me about a year! Thankfully, my awesome cousin, Magan is a hairstylist and she got me some of this for Christmas. I’ve tried the off-brands and I just didn’t like them as much. Call me a hair snob, that’s probably true. When I find something I love. I stick to it! 🙂

2. Naissant Shampoo Blond Pearl

So maybe 3 out of my 5 favorite products are for my hair. All you blondes out there, I know you understand! This shampoo is incredible and it keeps my hair from getting brassy between highlights. It also helps me go longer between trips to the salon. I like to leave the shampoo on my hair for about 2-4 minutes before washing it out.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo

I don’t know about you but I literally hate washing my hair. Washing and drying it can add an extra 30 minutes to my getting ready routine, easily. My secret? I wash my hair about every 3 days and on the days in-between I use dry shampoo! My favorite brand is Batiste. I have tried several other brands and none of them worked as great, they all left my hair smelling weird and feeling icky. My favorite smell from their line is floral essence. It makes my hair smell fresh and clean! If there is one thing you get for your hair, let it be this. You can pick it up at ULTA.

4. IT Cosmetics CC Cream

I said I was a girly-girl but I’m also a busy bee and I don’t have time to sit in front of the mirror all morning getting ready. In the last year I started using BB creams, particularly from Garnier. I still love their line of BB creams but I wanted something with a little more coverage. The lady at ULTA recommended IT cosmetics. What? I’ve never even heard of this line. Have you? After hearing more about it, I love it!! I want to try more of their products eventually but for now, the CC Cream is amazing! It’s so easy to apply, going on like a moisturizer. IT cosmetics CC cream has great coverage that looks natural, quick application AND it has SPF 50 in it! I love this stuff!

5. Loreal Brow Pencil

These days brows seem to be “the thing” and I’ve certainly seen some girls take that a little too far, it’s a little scary. Even before the brow craze I always added a little blonde brow pencil to my brows. My brows get really blonde in the summer time and adding a little color to them helps them stand out more. I like using the pencil to lengthen and bring about their natural shape and then brush it out a little bit. Just be careful to not over do it! 😉

So there you have it, my favorite beauty products right now! I’d love to hear what your favorite products are. Comment below with any great products you have found or substitutes for the items I’ve listed!! Links to the products are below!

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Naissant Shampoo Blond Pearl

Batiste Dry Shampoo

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Loreal Brow Pencil





My 5 Favorite Beauty Products, Athens Wedding Photographer




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