January 13, 2017

Market Hall, Jack and Ellen

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer_3290Jack and Ellen were married on NEW YEARS EVE! What an awesome day to get married and celebrate with all of your friends and family. I have to say, this wedding was one for the books! Jack and Ellen are incredible and were the BEST couple to work with for my first wedding post baby. Y’all, it was HARD to leave my little man for the first time – BUT I quickly learned how much I needed a little break to do what I LOVE. Plus, Sunday consisted of extra cuddling! The moment I stepped into the bridal suite and saw Ellen and her sweet bridesmaids, I was so ready to get to work! I truly love this job and I’m grateful it allows me to spend as much time with my boy as it does. As I walked into the bridal suite at Market Hall everything was spotless, so clean and organized. This is how you know your bride read their Bridal Guide I sent them ;). Ellen is the most organized, on top of it Bride and I adore her for it! All of her details were neatly arranged and ready to be photographed. All of the Bridesmaids were ready and lets just say the entire day was flawless + perfectly on time. How does that even happen? It also helps they had an amazing planner, Jessica from Happily Ever After!

Jack and Ellen shared their First Look at Fletcher Park along with all of their portraits. Their Bridal Party patiently waited and joined us soon after. The weather was beautiful! Cold enough to feel like a winter wedding yet bearable. Ellen and her bridesmaids wore the coziest shaws for some of their portraits – LOVE!! Jack and Ellen seriously have some of the sweetest friends and family – everyone was so considerate, helpful and joyful — making for a fantastic day and happy photographers!

After Fletcher Park, we arrived at All Saints Chapel to get The Frost’s MARRIED!! One of my favorite parts of their ceremony was listening to everyone sing hymnals together, it was such a delightful and intimate moment. Next up, Market Hall to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. and ring in the New Year together! I have a couple of favorite moments from the reception. First, Ellen’s Dad gave an unbelievable, heartfelt speech and welcome. Everyone was laughing and crying! I haven’t known Ellen for long but I do know that she has a very special bond with her Dad and he adores his little girl! He confessed their love for the tv show, Gilmore Girls and yes, the father-daughter dance was the theme song. It.was.perfect.! My second favorite moment would be Ellen’s PRECIOUS, I MEAN PRECIOUS, Grandparents!! The DJ had all of the married couples dance to a slow song and the last couple standing was married the longest… coming in at 64 years, Ellen’s Grandparents (soooo sweet!!). They weren’t even sure why they were dancing and when the DJ asked if they had a special song – Ellen’s Grandfather responded, “we do, but we can’t remember it!!” (insert laughing emoji here). Y’all this wedding. These are the weddings my heart beats for. Weddings that put long lasting marriages on display, that shine light on the special relationships they’ve been given — and celebrate with close friends and family! Now… enough of my rambling! Hope you enjoy a peak inside the Forst Wedding! Jack and Ellen, thanks so much for trusting us with your perfect day! We love y’all!
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Photographer | Amber Hatley

Planning | Happily Ever After

Florals | Brides and Bouquets

Venue | Market Hall and All Saints Chapel

Dress | Allure Bridal

Catering | Rocky Top Catering

Invitations | Minted

DJ | PC Productions




  1. Danielle Brown

    February 14th, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Love this wedding. Absolutely beautiful images – great job.

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