August 26, 2013

Kelly Moore Bag Review | The Songbird bag

So I have been contemplating about buying a new camera bag for about 5 months now.. yes, 5 months. I have reviewed and researched almost every camera bag out there and finally broke down and purchased the Kelly Moore Songbird bag. My previous camera bag was pretty lame and after a certain point, it really was too small and no longer functional for me. I will pass it down to my husband as he continues his interest in photography — in which he seriously impresses me with his talent! You will see — he took several of the photos of me below in this blog, as noted.

Kelly Moore bags are top notch and there’s a style for everyone. It’s clear she puts a lot of thought into her work and the reviews I found about her bags thus far were consistently good in terms of the quality and customer service. I was still skeptical, i.e. 5 months of researching — but Kelly Moore Songbird was the winner!

Things I love about this bag:

1. The size is great – not too big but still holds all of my main equipment with room for more as I expand (trade out) my collection of lenses.

2. It’s CUTE and can be transitioned into a normal bag with the removable padding.

3. It is also easy to maintain while shooting a wedding or a portrait session.

4. It can hold my camera body attached to a lens and two extra lens (depending on size) + my Canon 430EX ii speedlite

5.  Stands up when I place it on the ground

6. It has both a messenger style strap and a shorter one for when you want to hold it in your hand.

7. It’s well made & durable!

8. Has convenient sections for business cards/memory cards.

9. It has a special spot just for my iPad.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE organization & it makes my heart happy! I can find what I need when I need it, whether that thing is my car keys, a memory card, a business card or a lens.  There are many pockets and I try to keep the same things in the same section, so I can get to them quickly. I especially love the credit card & memory card holder, plus two extra flat pockets on the other side. Organization = A+

Photo Credit: Mitchell Hatley

Photo credit: Mitchell Hatley

So, if you’re looking for superior quality yet stylish camera bag I would point you to the Kelly Moore line, but let me assure you there are a lot out there. Beware – it becomes quite the search process! Hopefully this blog will be helpful to anyone researching a new camera bag. Some other bags that were a close second in the search process were the Epiphanie bags and Jo Totes as well. My Dad always called me the “bag lady” and I guess I’m staying true to that. Wish he was here to experience my love for a new camera bag – but I know he is experiencing it from above.

What is your favorite camera bag? Comment below and let me know!




  1. This is a great review, thank you for writing it! I’m looking for a bag that I can take on vacation. I want it to hold my camera body and at least one lens, maybe two. I also want it to double a purse while I am on vacation, holding my credit cards, phone, tablet. Do you think the Songbird would meet those needs for me? Also, since you wrote this post several months ago, I am wondering do you still like the bag as much as when you first got it? Thanks!

  2. Laura Beth says:

    Great review. I have much the same questions as the previous comment. I’m looking for a bag I can use as my purse on an oversea vacation as well as a safe place for my DSLR and maybe one lens. Would you recommend this bag? And do you still love it after the months you’ve had to use it?

    Thanks so much!!
    Laura Beth

  3. says:

    YES I would still recommend this bag 100%! I love it and still have no desire for a different bag 🙂 Kristen — it will hold two lens!
    The bag will work great as a vaca purse/safe place for DSLR! Let me know which bag you decide to get!! xoxo

  4. Beth says:

    I just bought the songbird in cobalt and I’m in love! This bag is beautiful and functional. Plus the blue color is gorgeous!

  5. Joni says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering how this bag has held up over the years?

    Thanks in advance,

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