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So I have been contemplating about buying a new camera bag for about 5 months now.. yes, 5 months. I have reviewed and researched almost every camera bag out there and finally broke down and purchased the Kelly Moore Songbird bag. My previous camera bag was pretty lame and after a certain point, it really was too small and no longer functional for me. I will pass it down to my husband as he continues his interest in photography — in which he seriously impresses me with his talent! You will see — he took several of the photos of me below in this blog, as noted.

Kelly Moore bags are top notch and there’s a style for everyone. It’s clear she puts a lot of thought into her work and the reviews I found about her bags thus far were consistently good in terms of the quality and customer service. I was still skeptical, i.e. 5 months of researching — but Kelly Moore Songbird was the winner!

Things I love about this bag:

1. The size is great – not too big but still holds all of my main equipment with room for more as I expand (trade out) my collection of lenses.

2. It’s CUTE and can be transitioned into a normal bag with the removable padding.

3. It is also easy to maintain while shooting a wedding or a portrait session.

4. It can hold my camera body attached to a lens and two extra lens (depending on size) + my Canon 430EX ii speedlite

5.  Stands up when I place it on the ground

6. It has both a messenger style strap and a shorter one for when you want to hold it in your hand.

7. It’s well made & durable!

8. Has convenient sections for business cards/memory cards.

9. It has a special spot just for my iPad.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE organization & it makes my heart happy! I can find what I need when I need it, whether that thing is my car keys, a memory card, a business card or a lens.  There are many pockets and I try to keep the same things in the same section, so I can get to them quickly. I especially love the credit card & memory card holder, plus two extra flat pockets on the other side. Organization = A+

Photo Credit: Mitchell Hatley

Photo credit: Mitchell Hatley

So, if you’re looking for superior quality yet stylish camera bag I would point you to the Kelly Moore line, but let me assure you there are a lot out there. Beware – it becomes quite the search process! Hopefully this blog will be helpful to anyone researching a new camera bag. Some other bags that were a close second in the search process were the Epiphanie bags and Jo Totes as well. My Dad always called me the “bag lady” and I guess I’m staying true to that. Wish he was here to experience my love for a new camera bag – but I know he is experiencing it from above.

What is your favorite camera bag? Comment below and let me know!