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Erica and Stephen, Asheville Photographer

September 19, 2017

Now that I have personally experienced being pregnant and awaiting the arrival of our precious baby, my heart is so full when I’m doing a maternity session! It’s like all the emotions coming rushing back to me – the excitement, love, anticipation, fear, unknown – all of it! I can’t help but want to run up and rub on the belly! Yes, I’m that person. Only I never do it to a stranger ;)! I also kinda sorta miss being pregnant – who would’ve thought?! I honestly enjoyed it! I mean who doesn’t love the extra attention and all of the kind people opening doors for you everywhere you go.

Unfortunately, I have limited time these days for anything other than weddings but I love it when I’m able to squeeze in maternity or family sessions on occasion. It’s nice to change up the pace a bit. Erica and Stephen were such a joy to be around and probably the most relaxed parents to be I’ve been around – either that or they played it off well! Erica was 38 weeks when we took these photos! Can we call agree that she looked AMAZING at 38 weeks?! I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to leave the house at 38 weeks pregnant! She is such a naturally beautiful woman and one of the few who actually seem to get that pregnancy glow everyone talks about! Erica and Stephen are expecting a precious boy any day now – if not already – and I can’t wait to see some photos of him soon! Thank you both for trusting me to capture such an incredible time in your lives!!

Enjoy these precious photos…and make sure to leave them some love <3


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