December 19, 2017

Craggy Gardens Engagement, Kendall and Daniel

I wrapped up my 2017 engagement sessions with a bang with Kendall and Daniel’s session at Craggy Gardens! Everything about this shoot is so romantic and timeless. In my opinion, Craggy has the best views of the Blue Ridge Mountains I’ve seen.

From the moment Kendall e-mailed me about capturing her wedding at Chestnut Ridge in June, I instantly fell in love with this girl. It was clear that we had so much in common and I knew her and Daniel were the perfect #ahatley couple ;)! During our hike, I learned so much more about these two and their passions! It was clear that their love for each other is rooted in His perfect love for us. They both love to serve and particularly in orphanages. Kendall travels to Haiti often where she is a secretary of an orphanage and Daniel has been with her several times as well. I loved hearing Daniel share about how great Kendall is with all of the children – how she knows their language and communicates with them. It was clear he is so proud of her! Daniel also has a business and does some SEO so I was able to chat about that geeky stuff for a bit, too!

We hiked the pinnacle trail at Craggy making a few stops along the way. Being that it was the end of the season the trail was VERY quiet and so peaceful. I told Kendall about my fear of snakes and you know what she responds with?… “I have a pet snake!” — what?? who is this girl?! I immediately felt safer knowing she actually likes those things! When we reached the top we were blessed with beautiful blue skies and a little fog moving in and out. We also had the privilege of seeing a crazy guy doing backflips and handstands on the ledge – sheez!! It was such a wonderful evening and I am beyond excited about Kendall and Daniel’s June wedding!! 



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