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Ariel + Brett, Asheville Lifestyle Photographer

August 17, 2017

I am so honored to share Ariel and Brett’s maternity portrait session at The Biltmore with you today! I can’t believe almost a year ago I was capturing their wedding!! When Ariel contacted me to see if I would be able to photograph this special season for them I squealed with excitement (if you know me, that’s probably a high pitched squeal ;))! When we left Raleigh, I was sadden by so many things, but mostly saying goodbye to so many wonderful people that we had met and come to know – both personally and professionally. One of the greatest things about being a wedding photographer is meeting the sweetest couples, becoming friends and staying in contact long after their wedding day! Luckily, we live in one of the most beautiful cities, Asheville, NC and people actually like to visit here! Ariel and Brett made Asheville their spot for a baby-moon and I’m SO glad they did! If only they could deliver baby Jamie here, too. ha!

As soon as Ariel got out of the truck she radiated with pure joy and the pregnancy glow (that I was never lucky enough to have – hello, hormonal acne!). She wore the most beautiful white dress. Ariel is such a naturally beautiful girl both inside and out – but carrying a child is always even more amazing! I just love pregnant women! I remember being as far along as Ariel and so ready to meet my baby but it was just about a month after Haddon came into the world when I saw a pregnant women, I looked at my friend and said, I actually miss being pregnant! I really enjoyed it and so has Ariel – but I know she is ready to meet her baby girl!! She is a pure bare instructor and still going strong – AMAZING, right? Brett is just all around the best, y’all! Even from the first time I met him at their engagement session, he is so relaxed, calm and positive. I know from experience that no man really enjoys photos – but they do it for the wife and I know it means so much to them! Brett kindly does every pose and truly is the best nuzzler ;). I love seeing these two together – posing them is effortless. They are seriously naturals and so laid back during every portrait session I’ve ever done with them! Experiencing so many life stages with a couple is overwhelming in the best way. Watching Ariel and Brett walk into marriage together and now parenthood is such a blessing. I know these two will be amazing parents and Jamie doesn’t even know how lucky she is to have the Lineberry’s as her Mommy and Daddy!

Ariel and Brett, THANK YOU, for trusting me with all of life’s adventures! Enjoy these last couple of weeks as just the two of you. Your entire world is about to change and you literally have no idea just how much joy is ahead! I can’t wait to meet baby Jamie!! Love y’all and so excited for you!!

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