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7 things most brides forget, Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

September 2, 2015

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7 Things Most Brides Forget

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

Keep the Wedding Bands with you.

Most Brides think they should give their wedding bands to the best man, but that isn’t ideal for pictures. When I arrive on your wedding day, the first thing I tackle is detail shots (my FAVORITE!). I love shooting details in the beginning of the day in the natural light as it allows me to warm up and has the best lighting! I can shoot the rings at the reception, but I certainly prefer to do this throughout the beginning of the day. If you forget, it’s totally ok – we will make it work! I recommend holding on to the wedding bands and handing them over to the best man during bridal party portraits, pre-ceremony.

Deliver the bouquets to YOU, not the ceremony location!

Having the bouquets delivered to you allows me to get detail shots of the florals! I mean florals really do make everything prettier 😉 ! I love shooting the rings on the flowers. Not to mention, you’ve invested your time and money into those bouquets. We want to ensure they are in plenty of photos. We may be taking some of the bridesmaids portraits at the getting ready location depending on your timeline so we definitely want your bridemaids holding all that pretty! You also want to have the bouts delivered to you so I can capture detail shots of them as well.

Ask your caterer to make a to-go box for you and your new hubby!

Yes, it really is true that you don’t eat much on your wedding day! Between the nerves and the lines of guests waiting to hug and congratulate you, food isn’t a priority. Don’t miss out of the amazing food you spent your money on and time planning! Have your caterer prepare a to-go box for you and snack on it after the reception – with your hubby of course!

Pre-Ceremony Portraits should be done AT LEAST 30 minutes before your Ceremony.

Believe it or not – some guests will arrive as early as 45 minutes before the ceremony. It’s important to be tucked away and hidden before the guests arrive. It’s also good to have plenty of time to relax and breathe before you walk down the aisle. Those 30-45 minutes will fly by. This is a good time for hair and makeup touch-ups, pre-ceremony prayers and a quiet moment with just you and your Dad or whoever the special someone is walking you down the aisle. I remember my wedding day – this moment flew by and as I approached the top of the stairs with my closest friends (bridesmaids) – I lost it. It all became real. The tears were flooding and I just needed a minute! Looking back, I wish I would have allowed for more time before walking down the aisle. After pictures were done it felt like 5 seconds later I was walking down the aisle!

Guestbook and Pens.

Many brides leave the guestbook for a last minute project and often forget the pens! I highly recommend a sharpie pen – this will prevent any smudging from occurring in your guestbook – especially if it is a photo book! It’s nice to have a little something for your guests to leave their well-wishes for you upon arriving at your reception. Which brings me to my next point. If you are having a large wedding, the line to sign your guestbook can get backed up quickly at your ceremony location. I recommend having the guestbook out at your ceremony location but having your coordinator put it away about 5 minutes prior to your ceremony start time. You can put the guestbook back out at the reception. I’ve seen wedding ceremony times get pushed back 20 minutes because of this. This then affects your timeline for portraits and your reception!

Invitation Suite

As you know, I love photographing details! One of the details that brides most often forget to leave for me is the invitation suite. Brides should remember to pack one full invitation set and any other stationary details such as rehearsal dinner invites and save-the-dates. If you have any special envelopes with beautiful calligraphy – I recommend bringing two sets this way I can photograph the front and back of the invitation/envelope at the same time!

Your wedding dress WILL get a little dirty!

Your beautiful wedding dress has been hanging in a well-kept place, staying immaculate until your wedding day. I get it, mine was too :)! However, once the wedding day arrives – plan for that to change… but know that it’s ok and you will not see these tiny imperfections in the photos! If you have a little dirt on your dress or a few bugs getting caught in the tool, it’s really ok. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand you want your dress to stay spotless and everything to be perfect before walking down the aisle! However, if something does happen to your dress pre-ceremony, don’t stress! No one will notice, I promise! We will do everything we can to prevent any mishaps from happening but if it does – you will still look AMAZING and no one is going to notice! Once the reception and dancing begins – your dress will definitely get a little dirty and that’s normal. After your wedding, you can have it cleaned and preserved!


ENJOY your day and as my cheerleading coach at Western Carolina Universtiy always said, TAKE IT ALL IN! Try to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy particular moments throughout the day!


What did you forget on your wedding day that you wish you would’ve remembered?! Comment below, I’d love to hear!


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