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Asheville, North Carolina

This is one of my favorite posts of the year! Behind the Scenes 2017! I’m a little late posting it because sickness took over our house like a monsoon for the last 9 days (but who’s counting?!)! I think we are all, thankfully, on the ups now. Sickness with a little one is no joke!

Let’s dive right in and give you a peek at what it’s like on the other side of the camera! There is one condition, you’re not allowed to judge us – it’s not always glamorous on wedding days :)!

Apparently, we both like to do a little foot pop!
This was my first wedding post baby! Haddon was just 8 weeks old and I remember being so sad to leave him!! The moment I got to Ellen and Jack’s wedding all of my nerves subsided and it was so fun getting out of the house with Mitchell – plus it was NYE! The photographer squat?! Bless it, always holding anything and everything for the girls!  … and making friends with the Groomsmen! Haddon made his fair share of appearances this year! Look at that LITTLE BOY!!!! Mitchell — photographer, bag carrier, baby holder – whatever you need!  When we photograph friends, Haddon gets to come along to observe! 🙂 He attended his first wedding this year when my cousin got married in April!! He had to leave around 7:30 because he just couldn’t hang ;)!
Styling details, one of my favorite parts of the day!
What can I say, I’m pretty funny! Not everyone laughs at my jokes but when they do… STOP RIGHT THERE… LINE UP YOUR TOES!!  Not sure what I’m doing here but from the looks of it, the bridal party wasn’t amused 😉 ha!! I promise they loved me! I’ll even put your veil in if you want me too! Waiting for the Bride like….. Multitasking… Guests asking if I’m the photographer…? Probably my favorite from 2017… I’m certain Mitchell gets all the looks from me on a wedding day and he now has the proof!“OOOO let me see that gift!” “I can’t believe they let me sit ON their car for this shot!” Best couple ever!! Moving to Asheville was a GREAT decision… just look at those views!!
Most likely checking on my baby boy… AND NOW… I present to you the BEST part of this business… this hottie!!! He’ll hate me for this but I used my zoom lens from across the room and “Good Lawd all mighty!” I’m guessing he did a test shot in the bathroom for this one… My personal veil fluffer!!! Location scouting on our hikes! “Hey, you see that bear over there?”  Best test subject there ever was! That time we rode a mule up the side of a mountain to shoot an elopement! It was AWESOME! Prepping the same day slideshow while trying to hide in a corner! Loved working with Oak Hill Media!!!I think it’s safe to say they loved the slideshow!
BUSTED… I will always taste your cake! Mitchell is proud of these shots, I’m slightly embarrassed!
That’s a wrap!! 2017 you were one amazing year! We photographed weddings all over the Southeast and are ready for 2018!!