December 22, 2016

2016 Behind the Scenes

raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3221Coming out of my blogging hiatus to share some behind the scenes from 2016! This is always one of my favorite posts! I love reflecting back on the year and getting lots of laughs from the collection of photos we’ve saved over the year just for this post! This year was especially fun because it was a year of a growing baby and bump!! Whew, I almost forgot how big that belly of mine got! haha. So, this is us, putting aside our pride and allowing you to come see what life is really like for us at weddings! We leave the house trying to look our best, but those long wedding days – especially in the summer – leave us a hot mess!

Not only was 2016 a special year for us personally it was an amazing year for our business! We had the joy of capturing 15 weddings and working with 15 incredible couples. We are truly honored that these couples trusted us to capture such a special day in their lives. We have loved getting to know so many incredible people this year and most days, we still can’t believe we actually gcall this a job! We are so blessed! I hope you enjoy a little peak into what we do! XOXO

raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3222raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3223Professional photographer turned dress fluffer 🙂raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3224

raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3225raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3226I remember this was the first wedding I actually felt like Baby H decided to make an appearance!
raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3227raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3228raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3229Gotta line those bouquets up perfectly girls!! raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3230raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3231Now I know what I really look like describing poses!
raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3232No idea what I could be doing here… throwing an invisible baseball?!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3233Heyy…. can you see my bump yet??raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3234raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3235Details, details, details… my favorite!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3236raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3237Mitchell making his debut…raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3238raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3239Waiting for the ceremony to begin usually results in photos like this…raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3240raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3241raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3242Heyyyy hot stuff!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3243raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3244raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3245raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3247raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3248Would ya look at the cuteness!! I could’ve ate her up!!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3249raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3250raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3251And BAM!! BABY H ain’t hiding no more!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3252This year we got to work with Oak Hill Media, a husband and wife team and also dear friends of ours!! Jaclyn was due 2 weeks before me so we loved walking this journey together! Jaclyn and Matt are AWESOME!
raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3253raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3254raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3255Testing locations out with Mitchell as my model ;)! A common occurrence!
raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3256raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3257Love working with this man!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3258raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3259raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3260oh heyyy Jaclyn!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3261Friendors!! raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3262Are you done testing the light yet??raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3263And the series of  Mitchell test shots begins…
raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3264raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3265raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3266raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3267raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3268raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3269Husband, Father, Photographer… bug spray applicator… whatever you need! HA!!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3270raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3271Veil whisperer…. LOL!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3272raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3273Dress perfector… raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3274Bouquet carrier…. man, I think he deserves a raise after seeing all of this!!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3275raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3276raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3277raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3278raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3279raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3280ANDDD… my favorite… baby entertain-er while parents get a few photos of just them!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3281raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3282raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3283 Gearing up for a long wedding day calls for some stretching it out!
raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3284raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3285raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3286raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3287Love Amanda’s face as she saw her same day slideshow!! This always makes me SO HAPPY!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3288And I end you with our last wedding of me at 37 weeks pregnant, whoa belly! I was so nervous for this wedding but Draia was THE sweetest bride and I couldn’t think of a sweeter couple to end the year with! We did it!raleigh-nc-wedding-photographer_3289



  1. Lisa

    December 22nd, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Y’all are precious and this post is so fun!! It also reminds me of how gosh darn wonderful black swing dresses were all summer, ha! Congratulations on a wonderful year!!

  2. Taryn Meinholz

    December 22nd, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    You’re the CUTEST!

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